Don't wait to recover your medical billing accounts receivables.

Ideally, the family practice medical accounts receivable management process should require little more than the generation of medical billing monthly statements and the mailing of those monthly statements after which, the associated revenue checks should simply show up at your mailing address.

The reality is however, with growing complexities and payment ambiguities of ever-changing payer plans, patient co-pays and co-insurance agreements responsible for the rising costs of healthcare delivery, management of the accounts receivable process demands more administrative attention than ever before.

Consider the following facts: Average denial rates for family medical practice claims exceed 30 percent. This billing denial rate plays a core role as to why family practices across the country experience more than 15 percent in annual lost revenue.

By outsourcing the management of your family practice medical billing accounts receivable, you give your practice a cost effective solution which ultimately poses far fewer challenges than if your staff were to handle the management of your billing in-house. Additionally, your family practice will capture lost revenue equating to a far greater total than the cost of your solution.

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