Accelerate your cash collections and put your cash to work for your medical practice.

Why wouldn't you consider an outsourcing solution for your private medical practice, knowing the average percentage of lost revenue due to the inability to properly manage active medical billing workloads exceeds 15%?

The above statistic implies that for every $1,000,000 in patient billing, your medical practice could have the ability to generate at least, an additional $150,000 in revenue that your practice would typically never realize. What could your private practice do with an additional $150,000 in revenue? What you decide to do with that additional revenue is your business; our business is making sure that revenue is yours to spend.

MEDbts medical billing and coding services solutions can help your medical practice plan for and seamlessly implement a billing solution that will ensure your practice will capture that 15% of lost revenue, and capture the revenue while the associated billings are still a part of your active workload.

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