Minimize your turnover; proactively interact with your patients.

As a medical practice, your physicians and staff can do everything right when it comes to providing medical services to your patients and still lose patients to other medical practitioners.

From your front-office staff to your back-office physician care, a medical practice can't afford to make mistakes in meeting paitent needs. Patient relationship management will prove to be amongst the most critical aspects of the operations of your practice.

Our retention programs are based around the proprietary MEDbts Push-to-Patient™ technology communicating practice and health related information through:

  • Regular Patient Appreciation Emails
  • Monthly Medical Practice newsletters
  • Native Smartphone Applications
  • Mobile Phone Texting

The MEDbts "Push-to-Patient™ technology is the core initiative designed to allow patients to communicate nearly all types of requests to your medical practice whether the requests are realted to appointment setting, general FAQs, or etc.

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