Don't wait for growth to find you. Utilize the MEDbts technology and marketing teams to build your medical practice.

The medical billing and coding services solutions offered by MEDbts, although a core service offering of ours, are only one aspect of technology our company offers. As a medical practice technology solutions company, MEDbts is able to handle all aspects of your office technology needs.

MEDbts has under its ownership, a vast pool of technology resources dedicated solely for the development and maintenance of technology-based marketing initiatives for the healthcare and private medical practice industry.

Examples of the types of services you may want to consider in order to proactively advance the growth of your medical practice are:

  • New Patient Procurement Solutions
  • Patient Retention Programs
  • Medical Office Internet Application Solutions
  • Medical Office Management Solutions

MEDbts engages in a variety of types of compensation agreements with its medical practice clients, such as but not limited to:

  • Job-by-job Bid and Pay Agreements
  • Pay on Performance Agreements
  • Open Retainer Payment Agreements

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