Medical Billing and Coding

MedBTS offers comprehensive medical billing and coding services with processes crafted specifically to your practice specialty.

Revenue Cycle Management

Capitalize on our revenue cycle management (RCM) services by increasing your your return on investment (ROI) while reducing your operating overhead.

Claims Denial and Collections

MedBTS specializes in the management of medical claim denials and medical billing collections by leveraging process and cutting edge technology.

Practice Management and IT

Medical care consumers think much differently now; MedBTS can help with front-to-back practice management and business development.

Medical Practice Specialties

MedBTS medical practice services support many types of medical specialties and each specialty’s service processes are tailored specifically to that specialty.


Courteous, well intentioned and articulate in communication with patients, third party vendors and health insurance providers.


Our people and our processes are developed to work with any in-house revenue cycle management and medical billing platform you use.


Sound judgement, working with the highest levels of reliability relating to patient personal and financial data as well as patient electronic health records.


Fluent in data management, RCM platform execution, and understanding both hospital and outpatient coding and billing for successful claims submission.

A few words about us

MedBTS is a comprehensive full service HIPAA compliant outsource revenue cycle management and medical billing and coding provider based in Scottsdale Arizona. We specialize in providing physicians and medical practice or provider groups, all aspects of revenue cycle management including but not limited to medical billing, medical coding, accounts receivable recovery, soft collections and full spectrum IT solutions, and we do so at the most competitive rates in the industry.

Our client practitioners are our number one priority and the reason why we are here. We measure our success by the success of our physicians, so we focus on making your medical practice or provider group as profitable and as operationally efficient as possible while assisting in elevating the patient experience. By placing our focus on your revenue cycle management needs, your office can focus on what matters most; providing extraordinary patient care.