Medical providers should know that the Medicare billing claims compliance deadline for the HIPAA 5010 transaction standards is July 1, 2012. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also known as CMS, have claimed they will not enforce the use of the 5010 transaction standards through the end of June which makes the compliance requirement date July 1, 2012. Make sure your office is ready by that date.

If by July 1, 2012 your medical practice has not met the new Medicare compliance guidelines, all Medicare and Medicaid claims submitted in any format other than the ASC X12 v5010 and NCPDP D.0 will be rejected!

Due to medical billing related concerns by providers about their ability to be completely compliant by 2013, the ICD-10 or more commonly known as the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition diagnosis and procedure billing codes, delayed the code compliance deadline for one more year (from Oct. 1, 2013 to Oct. 1, 2014).

New procedures and diagnoses will also be included in the guidelines and the quality of information for payment purposes should be greately improved. These changes give medical providers more time to prepare and fully test their billing systems to ensure a smooth and coordinated transition to these new code sets.

MEDbts is located in Scottsdale Arizona and services medical offices located in Arizona and Maricopa County as well as all other cities in the United States. If your practice needs assistance with compliance during this transition process please feel free to contact MEDbts today. Make sure you are 5010 compliant!