OB/GYN physicians seem to be playing an increasingly important role in today’s medical landscape as it relates to women’s health. Because of the OB/GYN physician’s specialized training and deep level of understanding of female physiology, women are using their OB/GYN care physician in lieu of their primary care practitioner to handle all levels of their care from routine physicals to more complex gynecological procedures.

As a result, the OB/GYN profession patient-to-practice ratios are changing, with more practitioners taking on a higher volume of patients.

Medical billing for OB/GYN requires extensive procedural knowledge of complex services such as prenatal care, birthing, surgeries, postpartum care, and many other procedures leading to a growingly challenging claims environment for the in-house billing departments. And with the ongoing coding changes we all witness in the industry, payment rates slow down and accounts receivables age.

The approach that MEDbts takes to combat this complex problem is fairly straight forward. We treat our clients as partners creating a much more intimate relationship between your OB/GYN in-house billing staff and our OB/GYN claims specialists, thereby allowing us to minimize many would-be denials and allocating that save time to keeping current with the coding changes. MEDbts has the ability to customize our service to your existing process and procedures. Our client solutions blend seamlessly into your back office processes thus minimizing any operational disruptions that may occur during crucial switch over periods.

We can even adapt to your existing OB/GYN billing EHR software or recommend some free or other low cost options. Either way, as an busy OB/GYN, you will benefit by having some of the most highly trained staff of billing coders that can be found anywhere. Each OB/GYN office is assigned a dedicated and experienced team that is led by an project manager. The project manager is responsible for daily interaction with the staff and will assist your team to ensure receivables up to date. The billing team will help by scrubbing claims, review, recommend processes in order to help stabilize the work flow in order to optimize the revenue cycle time. A balanced and well documented work flow allows your office to function as a well oiled machine that minimizes billing errors and claims are paid on time.

Contact us today and find out how we can help your OB/GYN medical practice capture more revenue on fewer denials and a lower receivable turnover rate.