The Medical Billing Future Stays Strong

Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Managment Services

Medical practitioners have often been wondering whether or not Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services could be better managed in-house or if outsourcing to medical billing companies such as MEDBTS would help their overall operations and associated revenue. A recent survey showed a record number of medical practicioner offices started outsourcing RCM in 2019 and based on practitioner feedback, the number is only expected to grow in 2020 and 2021 as providers are now realizing the benefits of outsourcing to reliable companies.

By outsourcing RCM services to a trusted vendor such as MEDBTS, medical practitioner offices and administrative staff free up a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources, allowing them to focus on their quality of patient care and appointment management, thereby cutting costs and improving overall results. Qualified billing and coding companies such as MEDBTS, can manage parts of your medical billing processes so your practice sees much better clean claim results and more on-time payments, resulting in more revenue per any given period of time.

Electronic Claims Processing

Electronic claims processing as well as digital medical billing and coding platforms, have become an operating norm for medical pracitioners all over the country, where paper claims was only a short time ago, their operating standard. With the right system, the electronic claims processing application can code your medical claims automatically. Medical billing applications and software provided by MEDBTS will help medical practitioners pinpoint the most common mistakes in their coding and as a result, help to refine their process ultimately improving the reducing revenue cycle by reducing accounts receivable days.

One of the greatest benefits of filing claims electronically is that medical practitioners are able to accomplish more work in a shorter amount of time. Now imagine moving claims electronically to a medical billing provider such as MEDBTS; an office not only moves claims into the system faster for processing but now has freed up costly time and resource allowing the medical office to focus on top notch care and patient service which all goes towards the practitioner’s brand.

EHR Integration/Interoperability

While medical billing systems and technology is an integral part of the core of any practice, medical practitioners experience huge inefficiencies and issues when their system is not interoperable and fully integrated with their electronic claims and client data technology. The MEDBTS medical billing systems and applications are integrated with the electronic patient health records which reduces the overall billing process time. Logical and efficient payment reminders combined with the MEDBTS digital payment processing accessible through the patient portal reduces the revenue cycle and lands more operating revenue into medical practitioner accounts much faster.

MEDBTS is not just a medical billing provider. MEDBTS is a medical records and data technology company. Our primary focus is to support the revenue cycle needs of our medical practitioners and the fact that our work is supported by a technology department that exists solely to make sure our systems are as efficient and as effective as possible only means that our medical practitioners will never be dealing with antiquated systems.